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No matter how small you are, if you are marketing to consumers in a regulated industry, you can't afford not to identify and address your company’s compliance issues. 


We've devised a way for small companies to assess their regulatory risk and gain a measure of control over their consumer-facing communications at a reasonable cost.


A "mini compliance review" is a brief analysis of your marketing materials, your website, your Google AdWords, your call center phone scripts and any other consumer-facing documents used by your business.  The idea is to identify and suggest corrections for "obvious" potential violations that would likely catch the attention of a regulator and could lead to an investigation, enforcement action or plaintiff's class action.

Depending on the complexity of your business and the scope of your marketing, a "mini-compliance review" can cost less than $1,000 and can help you become aware of problems that could cost you 100 times or more than that to defend and resolve.


A “mini-compliance review” isn't a comprehensive compliance analysis, but rather a quick identification of any obvious problems along with prioritized suggestions about what can be done to address them.  While a “mini-compliance review” will not ensure your business has no regulatory problems at all, it can help you become aware of and eliminate the biggest and most obvious issues.


It is an inexpensive but effective way of finding out for yourself if there are any obvious legal flaws in your business that could create problems for you down the road.

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